• Manual Adjustment with Horizontal Infeed

Manual Adjustment with Horizontal Infeed

It is suitable for common carton types, with automatic system, unpacking, forming, folding bottom lid sealing at once. Automatic carton opening can increase efficiency, and can be combined with automatic blanking, carton conveying equipment, automatic sealing machine, strapping machine, and film wrapping machine to become an automatic packaging production line.
Model : C-6803


For all general type of cardboard boxes.

PLC controlled to alter the program easily .

Detection for low-quantity of boxes .

Reverse feeding direction is available by request.

Easy operation and maintenance.


Power Supply

3 φ, 220V/380V/415V

Tape Width

2"or 3"

Tape Sealing size

250-400(L) x 220-370(W) x 200-400(H)mm

Working table height



5-8 boxes/min.

Cardboard storage

50-70 pcs ( depends on boxes thickness)

Machine dimension

3200(L) x 1750(W) x 1915(H) mm

Air compressor

6 kg/cm²

※JIACHI reserves the right to modify specification for quality development.

※If there is no specified color, the machine color is mainly the factory color.


Customized specifications

Stainless steel structure (SUS# 304)

Capable of folding and sealing boxes with adhesive tape or hot melt glue.

Detection for no tape and NG taping function.

Customized color.

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