About Us

About Us
Established in 1989, Jia-Chi Automatic Packing Co., Ltd., is the leading company in designing and manufacturing automatic packing / processing machinery and packing materials. Not only providing excellent products and services, Jia-Chi creates great value beyond them to Jia-Chi's clients; Running diversification strategy in the changing economic environment brings newest invention ideas and products the front of customers; Also, insisting on the highest quality standards to ensure the safety and security of Jia-Chi's products and services. Honest , credibility and pragmatic are consistently upheld to satisfy and assure Jia-Chi's partners. Keeping up with the top product and service QUALITY, OPEN specification, uncompromising INTEGRITY and FACE-TO-FACE interaction is Jia-Chi's business core values. Regardless of the past or future, Jia-Chi always upholds and nurtures PROFFESSION, INNOVATION, QUALITY as Jia-Chi's business ideas to make every effort to archive Jia-Chi's corporate commitments.
* Regional management:
Direct customers—Taichung 、Changhua、 Nantou, I'll be there, service first。
Indirect customers-- central wholesalers agents, sale transfer service from central wholesalers。
* Diversification: to enhance professional, between non-drilling horn, good products do not have to produce their own。
* Brand assurance: Development of quality control system, once things go against。
*Automated packaging equipment: Box machine、Sealing machine、Strapping machine、Stack machine、Wrapping Machine、Hand Tools。
* Automated in packaging equipment: Sealing packing、Bag sealing、Sealing Shrink、Plastic packaging、Blister packing、Vacuum packaging、Seam packaging。
* Automated storage and logistics equipment: Roller Conveyor、Belt Conveyor、Roof Conveyor、Chain Conveyor、Storage shelves、Automatic Storage。
* Automation accessories and packaging materials: Packaging tape、Tape、Plastic film、Cushioning material、Formed sponge、Packing cans / box。
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