• Four-side sealing machine

Four-side sealing machine

Suitable for very large applications, such as doors, mattresses, blackboards, etc. The conveyor speed can be adjusted by itself.
Automatic push, push, seal, heat shrink machine, conveyor, robot arm or stacker and other fully automated production processes
Model : L-2400ES


Sealing method: 4 sides

Applicable for PE shrink films

PLC controlled to alter program easily

Suitable for oversize applications, like door, mattress, blackboard and so on.

The combination with shrink tunnel for complete packaging solution

Feeding and sealing automatically to save labor cost

Easy operation and maintenance

Adjustable conveyor speed

Locking casters as standard feature

Design & manufacture according to your any kind of products sizes


Power Supply

3φ, 220V /240V

Power consumption


Sealing size

2400(L) x 200(H) mm

Conveyor speed

8 M/mim

Air compressor

6KG/ cm²

Machine size

4500(L) x2500(W) x 2000(H) mm

※JIACHI reserves the right to modify specification for quality development.

※If there is no specified color, the machine color is mainly the factory color.


Customized specification availabe

Customized color

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