• Carton sealer(Edge-Seal)

Carton sealer(Edge-Seal)

Automatically adjust the width and height, the size of the packaging does not need to be manually adjusted, suitable for use in automated production lines with many changes in carton size
It can be combined with automatic folding lid sealing machine, roller conveyor, pallet stacker, etc. to become an automatic packaging production line.
Model : C-6702A


Suitable for all general boxes. To seal the box’s top and bottom edges, four edges sealed at the same time

PLC controlled to alter the program easily

Suitable for food industry especially for damp-proof and vermin-proof

Width & height adjusted according to different box sizes.

Infeed push-carton conveyor, the carton will be pushed off 90 degrees into the edge sealer where it completes the "H" seal top and bottom.

Locking casters as standard accessory


Power Supply

3 phase,110V/ 220V/240V

Tape Width


Tape Sealing size

280-630(L)   x 250-520(W) x 225-600 (H) mm

Working table height


Conveyor Speed



6 cases/per min. depending on box size . 

Machine dimension

2100(L) x 1450(W) x 1500(H) mm

Air compressor


※JIACHI reserves the right to modify specification for quality development.

※If there is no specified color, the machine color is mainly the factory color.


Stainless steel structure (SUS# 304)

Detection for no tape and NG taping function.

60 sec. auto-stop.

Safety fences with shut-off device.

Customized color.

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Carton sealer(Edge-Seal)

Carton sealer(Edge-Seal)