• Automatic strapping

Automatic strapping

Tabletop roller drive type / tabletop belt drive type.
   Packing position: The position of the electric eye can be adjusted as required.
Can be used stand-alone or with conveyor design automation and unmanned packaging system.
It can be combined with unpacking machine, sealing machine, folding lid sealing machine, roller conveyor, film wrapping machine, etc. to become an automatic packaging production line.
Model : A-2000AB


Can flip desktop design : easy maintenance and repairs .

Strapping Location : according to the need to adjust the position of the electric eye .

Structure refinement : Host parts made of aluminum alloy , the control system compatibility big , install protective devices can be 24 hours of continuous use .

Strengthening wheel drive design , transmission effect is stable , durable quality

Two models models: desktop wheel drive type / desktop belt drive type .

Can be used alone or with conveyor design automation systems and unmanned strapping .

This is a standard machinery, custom sizes to follow customer needs.


Power Supply

3 phase, 220V/380V

PP Bandwidth

9、12、15 mm

Tightness adjustment


Strapping speed

2.4 seconds / each

Power consumption


Bale size

200-850(W) x 30-600(H) mm

Mechanical size

1645(L) x 670(W) x 1535(H) mm

Mechanical weight


※JIACHI reserves the right to modify specification for quality development.

※If there is no specified color, the machine color is mainly the factory color.


Stainless steel body (SUS # 304)

Aluminum bow frame

Customized specifications, specified colors

No material detection

Photoelectric sensor tape

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