• Automatic cantilever wrapping machine

Automatic cantilever wrapping machine

The pallet does not move, and the packaging film is placed on the rotating arm to make a 360-degree rotating wrap
Applicable to large-sized packaging, higher or lighter weight packaging and special specifications of pallet wrapping film
Automatic carton opening can increase efficiency, and can be combined with automatic blanking, carton conveying equipment, automatic sealing machine, and strapping machine to form an automated packaging production line.
Model : T1824AHP


360 degree swinging rotary arm wrapping

Suitable for heavy or unstable loads

Adjustable arm rotation speed by inverter

5~15 RPM adjustment film carriage up/down adjustment speed by frequency inverter

Photo-eye pallet height sensor

PE film tail clamped automatically, cutting and film wiping system

Reinforce wrap allow more wrap on same location

Separate variable carriage up/down speed

Cycle pause capability

Rotary arm stop by safety bumper and reflection photo-eye sensing and obstacle in the rotating area

Position arm alignment

Powered pre-stretch system 200% of the film length (Pre-stretch ratio can be customized.)

Suitable for in-line packaging.

Top film cover mechanism can be added


Power Supply

 3φ,220V / 380V

Wrapping height


Pallet size

600-1200(L) x 800-1100(W) x 200-2300(H)

package speed

10board / hour

Air consumption


Machine size

3800(L) x 4600(W) x 3680(H) mm

※JIACHI reserves the right to modify specification for quality development.

※If there is no specified color, the machine color is mainly the factory color.


Safety net

Power roller conveyor

SUS # 304 stainless steel body

Specify paint color

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